Friday, April 30, 2010

Cleansing Day

On a roll with the house cleaning and declutter so took another day off work.  All is under control there anyway, and my time is better spent at home.  Packed a few more crates and hauled them into the shed (Kim, they are stacked neatly!)

Dresser & Lilliputs 003

Still so much to do, have WAY too many books so need to have a serious cull.  Moving every few years was the best way to keep a lid on the clutter.  We have been in this house now 10 years, the longest I have ever lived in a house in my life.  No wonder I am going stir crazy.

Was pegging clothes on the line today, and heard this chattering above me, three 28’s were in the neighbours tree eating the seeds and dropping them on the shed roof. All I could see was portraits of the world outside, over fences, and roofs. For the first time I felt hemmed in and cramped in suburbia.  One neighbour was blowervaccing .. again!  The side neighbours dog was yapping, I could hear the other neighbours talking clear as day, trains wizzing past, a siren.


I know that this is how most of us live, but I think some people, need more contact with the earth – I know I do.

Its day 317 today … not that I am counting or anything!

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