Sunday, January 29, 2012

Soaps ... because you are worth it!

Soaps. No, not the Home and Away, Eastenders, Days of our lives variety ... but real soap. Been a bit of an obsession lately buying expensive luxurious, indulgent soap. Unlike my Grandma Brown, I use my soap. It doesn't get unwrapped and stored in my linen cupboard to "make the linens smell nice". When she died and I went to clean out her things, it was so sad to see all these beautiful soaps unused by her. I vowed then and there that I would not save things for "best" or behave as if I was not good enough for luxurious soap.

Its the delicious papers they are wrapped in that get me first.  This compels me to pick up the rubenesque bars, their smell enticing me to commit further.  Its not until I turn over the package and see the price tag - $15.00, $17.50, $19.00 - how much is too much to pay for a bar of soap?

I look for further justification.  One is French, triple milled, ooh and it contains almond oil.  Another is from Florence and visions of my holiday there bring romance and connection. Its called Emozioni in Toscana by Nesti Dante.

Oh the beautiful smell when I shower. The silkiness of the lather.  The sheer indulgence and extravagance of it all.  Makes me smile every time.

I am on a mission now, to find more soaps, to keep up this addiction.
I challenge all my fellow females to indulge in this.  Treat yourself. 

As the adverts say "Because you are worth it!"

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