Monday, March 26, 2012

New Monday Tactic

Didn't go to work today.  (gee its good sometimes owning your own business)
It was kind of planned Friday, and a very caring work colleague encouraged me to take a day to myself.  I was only three quarters convinced Friday, half Saturday and a quarter Sunday.  Come Monday morning and I was 100% convinced having a day at home was a good idea.

Our weekend got gobbled up by helping out our sons with their house project.  More specifically, the decking under the patio they built on the back.  Very pleased with being able to help, and the end result was well worth it - looks awesome.

BUT, it meant I got no washing done, no shopping or cooking - the doggies didn't get their special dinner made.  The toilets went unwashed, no clean sheets (I do do love my clean sheets), and certainly no chores in the garden got done.  My pots need their worm juice and I have some bug infestation that is devouring plants before my eyes.  I am yet to catch the culprit, but I will have to soon before I have only sticks left.

So, come Monday, a little washing was done, a half hearted swish of loos, I made a shopping list, did the grocery shopping.  But I also tried to take a little me time.  Started slow, watched a few taped TV shows while I made doggy dinner (mince, anything leftover in the fridge, garlic and parsley, vegetables, rice).  Had a long shower and washed my hair, and when I went shopping, had a nice long browse in Target for some inspiration for the Guest Wing makeover planned for the Easter weekend. 

This is what I bought for $95.00

I am planning a Duck Egg Blue theme with ducks and Paris as the motifs, just in a very subtle way.  Loving Pinterest for the inspiration boards right now.

So, to the rest of you, hope you too had a pleasant Monday!!  I think I might make this a regular thing.

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