Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maybe a new tenant?

Went out to WG today, to do a few jobs in preparation for a potential new tenant.  She sounded lovely on the phone and her story fits very well with our plans.  I am hoping she likes the house - I know she will like the rest of the property.

The lawn needed another mow, its growing really well. I was thrilled to see the paddocks looking so much better and getting a really good coverage. 

Gave the inside a very quick once over, its such a easy house to clean.

Jobs still to do:

  1. Organise tradesman to come and replace the flyscreens on the back doors
  2. Clean soot from the front of the fireplace
  3. Clean and repaint 2 water stains in lounge/dining
  4. Book cleaner to do a thorough vacate clean
  5. Clean/replace water filters
  6. Get quotes to tile and paint laundry/shower/toilet
  7. Put up and secure shade sails.
Will take pictures next weekend.  Should see some good progress.

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