Saturday, March 9, 2013

Housework - how to trick myself into it

Each week, I have to come up with a way to trick myself into doing the housework.  It's like I am a perpetual Peter Pan when it comes to the very normal (and necessary) job of cleaning my house.  There are WAY better and more fun things to be doing with my precious days off.  I was so successful the last few weekends that I manged to do very little, not even a proper vacuum, just a run around with the handheld vac.  I don't know whats wrong with me? Other (grown-up) women seem to manage it.  It's not that I am lazy (or am I?), or don't love a clean house (I do).  I just resent wasting good time on such a non-productive activity.  How come I have no housework discipline Mum?

I have run out of excuses - its too hot, I have an assignment due, I don't feel very well, I deserve a day off, I have a new book to read - and today I HAVE to clean the house.

So, I am going to do some method acting.  I will be the very sexy and volumptious (well I have that one nailed) house cleaner for Hank Moody (aka David-drool-Duchovny) in a upcoming episode of Californication.  Of course he will notice me, as I go about washing toilets and dusting the furniture.  I will give this role my all, pretend that I am just a regular suburban house cleaner, really get into the grove of it.  That's what method actors do isn't it?  

Bonus will be a clean house, and a nice little daydream.


I could just go play another re-run of episodes 1 to 5 and hang the housework!  Hank seems to like dirty women :-)

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  1. You have to learn to love housework it's the only way you are going to get through it xxx