Sunday, August 5, 2012

The weekend that was

TEC Retreat Advance

Mr K belongs to a mentoring group for CEO's.  It has been a very worthwhile and rewarding membership, one which he involves me in at certain times.  Basically the group is chaired by a retired CEO, with a world of experience and knowledge, so valuable and relevant.  The group is by invitation only, so selected CEO's are invited to join and be a part of a peer support group as well as be guided by our Chair.  Mr K's group, TEC 41, is a very tight knit and progressive group, led by a lovely man, who inspires and challenges and gently (or sometimes not!) guides. 

Once a month Mr K attends a group meeting - an all day event where there is normally a speaker, a workshop and then the peer members all take turns in discussing or airing concerns, or projects or success's.  The members are ever so supportive, and just having a third ear or twelve, makes a huge difference.  Of course there is the Chair who is exceptional at playing devils advocate.  He is famous for asking probing questions! There is also a monthly one on one with our Chair, were specific issues about our business are discussed, he guides us and offers insights into better ways of doing business.  At $1700 a month its not a cheap membership, but to our business it's been priceless.

So, to this weekend. Every year, the group goes away for a retreat - however in true CEO style they call it an advance, not a retreat!  I like that.  Last year we went to Bunbury, this year it was Dunsborough.  There was plenty of wine and food and great company - the CEO's partners all come along.  Friday night was a catered affair at one of the members 'beach shacks" - palatial doesn't even come close to describing it.  On the Saturday morning we had a seminar, about teams and leaders - very thought provoking and great speaker.  Saturday afternoon was a free for all - 3 of us women chose to spend it in retail therapy in the lovely little shops in town.  Saturday night dinner was at a surprise location, which turned out to be at Lamont's at Smiths Beach.  All very hard to take I can tell you.

Headed home Sunday after a leisurely breakfast and a heavenly sleep in.  Wonder where we will end up next year?

Here is where we stayed

View from the balcony in our bedroom - there was another balcony on the story above us that got even better views!

The 'Beach Shack' we stayed in.  Amazing

Lounge area on the top floor.  There was a huge dining area and chefs kitchen behind this
The Friday night party in full swing.  It was catered by a chef and there was french champers flowing.

Front view of the house we had party in Friday night.  As a holiday home, it was better than any house I have ever lived in!

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  1. There are some gorgeous homes down south now so modern and right on the water front. Looks like you had a great time, and just the right amount of retail therapy :)