Monday, August 6, 2012

Ways to de-stress

I was away on the weekend and a few of the ladies in the group I was with, went into the little seaside town of Dunsborough for some shopping.  Its always fun shopping when you are on holiday - you have the time to spare to just browse and you feel you have to buy a souvenir (or two).  The ladies I was shopping with are both CEO's of their own companies, highly successful and highly driven women.  To them, retail therapy was just that - therapy.  To me, the shopping part was a feathering of the nest and not necessarily therapeutic.

I did find a treasure, a white linen (real linen!) table cloth and matching napkins.  I clutched it tightly as I waited at the counter to pay, I have been looking for this kind of quality for ages, and here it was in a little coastal town shop called The Lemon Tree.  One of the ladies I was with, older and wiser than me,  smiled at me and said you know you will have to iron those all the time to make them look nice!  I smiled back and said, yes I know - I actually love ironing napery and linens.  The shop keeper and this lady exchanged knowing glances. I confirmed to her how mad I am by going on to add, that I also love to polish silver - its my form of therapy. 

There are a number of reasons why I love this basic of all tasks: 
  • I like to do things that take me to another quieter, less hurried era.
  • Polishing silver reminds me of when I was a little girl and I sat at my Grandmothers table and polished her (that is now mine) silver
  • Making a neat pile of perfectly ironed and pressed linen truly makes me smile
  • I get a huge sense of satisfaction from making something that looks drab and dreary into something that sparkles and shines
  • I like to look at my silver and pressed linen and feel I am ready for company at any time (even if the loo is dirty and the floor needs washing, at least I have wrinkle free napkins!)
  • I like to care for my treasured things

It gives me a huge sense of satisfaction to turn this ....

into this ...

So there I sit at the dining table, clothes and Silvio at the ready, and while I watch and listen to TV I set about polishing away the blackness to reveal the shiny, beautiful silver.

Now who could day this wasn't satisfying work?


  1. Oh my gosh how did you make them so shiny? I have a bag of silver decor my friend gave me and tried rubbing it with that silver spray and polish but it didnt work. Or maybe I only rubbed for a minute!

  2. :-) I think the rubbing part is where the de-stressing is!! Actually you dont need to rub that hard, I use Silvo and I get the home brand cotton swabs, dab some Silvo on, rub in gentle circles. The cotton swab will be black and then you get a soft cotton cloth (I have an old cotton sheet that I have torn up) and buff off the polish. If its really black, you may need to do that several times. Its so worth it and so rewarding. Good luck!