Monday, October 8, 2012

Do Less Better

Do Less, Better. Not Do Less Better! I mean, don't do as much but what you do do, do better. That make more sense?

This has been my new mantra since the start of the year. It’s a way to remind myself to stop cramming too much into my already anxiety ridden life and to:

· Slow down.

· Be calm.

· Just get done what I can comfortably manage in the time I have.

· Stop pushing for more and more.

· Master tasks and take the time to do them thoroughly
(have to be careful here not to let this morph into perfectionism)

· To risk a cliché, take time to smell the roses

(oh mine smell divine today)

It’s working. I am not feeling as much pressure, and I am enjoying more things, even chores and tasks that don't seem to be much fun. The biggest improvement has been slowing down and enjoying the task of pegging clothes on the line. (I am serious!)  This used to be a real cause of stress. I would always be rushing about and remembering that I had a load of washing in the machine. It would be flung on the line, a few pegs thrown about and I would be left with a horrible feeling that it was a job poorly done.

This is the place that I came up with the mantra - at the clothes line (sad huh!)

Do Less Better

Now I take my time, peg out the washing neatly and with grace. I have made the area around the clothes line pleasant and appealing to the senses. Jasmine grows on the wall behind, pots of flowers, a nice peg holder, clutter gone.

How do you Do Less Better?


  1. I seem to be in stress state a lot - but do enjoy doing a job well. I make lists and these seem to help.

    1. I think, sadly, it's a state most modern women (and men) find themselves in. It takes a conscious effort to slow down. Lists are a good idea, just taking the time to write them down slows us a little :-) Hope you have a little less stress soon. x

  2. So glad you came by my blog today and shared your mantra - love this post - xx