Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My new camera and I

Well she arrived last week and I have been trying to love her as a mother should.  But its hard. She scares me with all her fancy buttons and big black lens.  Mr K and Son#1 have taken a shine to her and click her buttons and twiddle her dials, but I still am not sure what they all do or mean.  So she has been set to Auto for the moment while we get aquainted.

These are a few of my first shots and son #1 showed me a really cool feature when you right click on the photo and go to properties.  It gives you all the settings that were used to take that photo.  This is going to help me so much as I can now see cause and effect.  So, correct me if I am wrong (as I quite possibly could be) - the first picture below had an aperture opening of 4.5 (the F.Stop) This was quite a small opening (as per the chart below) and therefore the depth of field was narrow which is what you want for close up nature photography.  I let the camera work out the shutter speed (or exposure time) and the very confusing ISO speed, to compensate.  The ISO is confusing as I have been told it is a reference to the old days of film photography - it was the type of actual film and how it stored the images.  Today, in digital photography, it still has an effect but I am yet to learn how!

Baby steps :-)

Now to translate all this so Ms Nikon and I speak the same language.

The coolest thing I have learnt how to do so far!

The Effect of the FStop (Exposure)

The close-up that I wanted. 

Some other experiments ...

Need to learn better composition but I like the balance
I liked the form and colour.  (oh and I did enjoy the contents too!)
The first attempt at the top picture .. this was on full Auto

I am going to go for a drive this weekend and take the camera and have a play.  Its actually quite exciting to be learning a whole new craft.

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  1. Are you on pinterest? There are so many handy little cheat-sheet style photography guides to download!