Monday, January 21, 2013

List Mania Monday Linkup

Today I’m joining in with Deb at Home Life Simplified for a new link up called Listmania.

I liked the idea of getting to know some new bloggers and joining in their little link up parties.  Not usually such a social person, I thought this might be fun and good for me!  Oh, plus, I love to make lists.

Let’s get to know each other with a snapshot of life right now wherever you are.

List 1:
Currently I am:
Reading: Hippy, Hippy Shake by Richard Neville
Listening to: Tame Impala - Lonerism
Laughing at: Re-runs of Mr Bean and QI
Swooning over: Chris Hemsworth - ooohhh  yeah  baby.  I saw him first girls, on Home and Away, and I swooned then too. (even if he is only 3 years older than my eldest son!)
Planning: to get into a routine for the coming year - if only it would damn well cool down long enough for me to think straight
Eating lots of: Fruit salads and lentils (not together!)
Feeling: Hot, bothered and totally over summer - and there are still 2 months to go!
Discovering: About the mysteries and science behind weight loss/gain
Looking at: Moving to Tasmania - sneaky little looks on the net at real estate there.  Dreaming about a farm. Just have to drug Mr K so I can move him there.
Wearing: Not a lot.  It's too bloody hot to wear clothes.  Even putting bathers on is too much.
Cooking: As little as possible - cooking involves heat.  Making lots of salads however, trying out new things like lentils and quinoa
Wondering: If my lotto numbers will come up this week.  Surely its about my turn?
Trying out: being a serious writer by disciplining myself to write for a solid hour at the same time every day.  Day 3 and so far so good.


  1. I love fruit salad and all the soft stone fruit at this time of year. Made a salad last night and realised that it may be the first time in many many months. We seem to do steamed veg a lot...need to get experimenting too.

  2. Hi, I have just tried to join Listmania, failed. I have left her a message, so hopefully I will figure out to be on board. Great idea, thanks for sharing. xx Rae

  3. I totally agree about the heat. I am sitting here as well with only a few items of clothing dreaming about colder days. I really am counting down :)

  4. Thanks for joining in - nice to meet new bloggers. I agree with much of your list - especially needing the heat to pass so i can think again - so draining! Laughing at the possible dish of fruit and lentils (yuck)