Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My little Christmas visitor

It was such a hot day, a hot day following many other hot days.  I had watered the garden early, filling the two big bird baths that sit on my fence outside the dining room window.

Later that morning our neighbours on the other side of this fence, were having a scrap - loud enough to bring my mother-in-law (MIL) from her flat, Mr K from his office and me from my office - to see who was being murdered.  (This incident is a whole new blog post, but I needed to set the scene!)

As we all stood near the fence, eavesdropping, my MIL pointed out with sign language, that in the bird bath was this frog.  We were both thrilled as we have been trying to get frogs in the garden for years.  I don't use any nasty chemicals on my garden and we try and have water for them -  although, we do have to be careful of leaving water around due to mozzies. 

But here he/she was (not sure how to sex a frog!) having a lovely cool down in the water and shade.  He/she stayed there all day, and all night.  By the next day it had gone, not sure where, but I hope its OK and onto larger ponds.

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