Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine's Day Date

Well.  It's Valentines Day today and I have a date.  But its not with my husband.  It's OK though, Mr K knows about it as is perfectly OK.  We don't celebrate (or even really acknowledge)  this day of romance  so me going on a date without him is no big deal.  

The man I have the date with is very handsome.  He is Italian.  He is rich.  He has a very sexy man-in-control air and many women runabout serving him.  I had to accept that I would not be the only date he has today.  But I feel very special as I get to see him twice in the same day.  Once for about an hour, and then, after he has rested, another 30 minutes.  

He makes me feel a bit light headed too.  Not sure if its the aftershave he uses or my own feeble feminine constitution.  I must admit, the last time we had a date I was a bit sore and bruised, so I am hoping he will be a little more gentle today.  I hope the hearts and flowers and red will have made him gentler today.

His name is Joe.  He is my dentist.  Today he is giving me the romantic gift of bright white fillings in place of the ugly and not very healthy black ones.

Actually, I must confess that Mr K can be a little romantic.  Last night, when I asked him to drop into the shops on the way home from work to collect milk and bread, he came home with pink iced donuts that had little sugar hearts sprinkled on top.  PLUS a block of my favourite white chocolate.  

This is one dirty little secret I will be keeping from my Valentine date today!


  1. Valentines day, I never buy my husband Valentine's day chocolates. But he always does me, so I have broken with tradition today and bought him some to. xxx Rae

    1. Bet he was surprised! Did you share them :-) xx

  2. Can't say a date with my dentist is something I look forward to - perhaps it is his lack of nice aftershave, oh and that awful sounding slow drill that is like finger nails down a blackboard for me.

    1. I am with you here Jacana. Funny, I don't mind the needle at all. But those drills. Even when they just scale my teeth, that brush they use, is enough to make me want to run.