Saturday, June 16, 2012

Demolition Day

Mostly a picture blog today as I show the days progress from a stable with only one door out, to a stable with a second door that leads into a undercover day yard.  This was planned when we first bought the property to be a 'someday' project.  I had grand plans for my stables and yards, but when we found we could not move here for some time, the plans were all put on hold.  But when the new tenants asked us to do one of the stables as WIWO we agreed.

So here is the progression.  I have to give a heartfelt thanks to 3 very special men in my life who gave up their time and energy to make this happen.  3 generations of men who care so much about their daughter, wife and mum to make her happy.  Thank you .  xxx

The Day Yard 'before' full of timber and bricks and tiles.

The end view 'before'. Note the white posts that have been sitting there waiting for the yard to be done.

A Man and his Ute.  Not sure where his Dog had got to.  Maybe his Dog saw the bib he was wearing. 
The first cuts.  Note the Ute being used as scaffold. It was pretty messy and quite dangerous.

Don't mess with the Brick Cutter (if anyone is a fan of Mad Max, they will know him as the Toe Cutter's brother)
.." up there Cam ..."

... "that's where you need to bash it"

A window that would be fine if we had giraffe's. 

The Demolition Team!  3 Generations of men who like to knock things down!

The Foreman had to come and check their work quality.

"ok, so now you have a walk-in walk-out stable.  My work here is done!"
Cam doing hard labour - with a hangover!

Putting up the door all in one piece.

NOW its a real stable door.  It looks amazing, the timber was all salvaged and Bobby did an awesome job of making it look this good.

Tada ... what every little girl dreams about.  Old fashioned stable doors.  Now bring on the horses!

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