Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mop Up Day

While the poor people were trudging off to day jobs, we got to spend one last day out at the property to finish off the weekends jobs and to clean up and sort out tools to bring home.  I love it when we have the luxury of time to do these things properly, all the pressure is off and work can be done according to my new manta - DO LESS BETTER.

So while Dad pottered about fixing the existing stable doors and making it all horse safe, Mr K redid the concrete ramp so it looked better and was safer, fitted gate latches etc.  I started sorting tools and cleaning up.  Moved all the sharp pointy things out of the yard, raked and leveled the soil, moved bricks and tiles and pallets.  Moved all the tools into the breezeway and sorted them into crates and gathered all the sets together.

Fence and Gate all finished. 

Door complete and re-worked concrete ramp. 
Breezeway all cleaned out, stable doors all repaired.

Inside of the Tool Shed doors.  Bob made these amazing doors out of timber that was all stacked in the day yard.  We have so much lovely timber to make many great projects when we move here.

By 2pm, we realised we hadn't had lunch yet, so much for just doing a half-day mop up!  So we took the time to sit down by the creek, listening to the water flowing over the little waterfall, the birds and hows the tranquility!  This little magical place is one of my favorites (amongst many) on this property and where we will build the long table out of the slab of jarrah Dad has set aside for us.  It will be the place of many long and delightful lunches.  While we ate our Red Rooster, I told Dad to remember this day when we have our first proper lunch here. 

And a well earned rest and late lunch down by the creek (Yule Brook).

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