Monday, June 4, 2012

Western Australia Day

Today is a public holiday in WA.  Perfect time to pull apart the showroom at the office and put in the new counter and rearrange the shelves and furniture.  Of course, whenever we move anything, there is $100K of stock to move, dust and re-display. 

The new bench was flat packed and the boys started to put it together on Friday night.  Today we:

  1. Glued, fitted and fixed the bench-top
  2. Put in all the shelves and screwed them down
  3. Cleaned down all the shelves and counter top
  4. Sorted and stacked the stock back into the new shelves
  5. Cleaned  and moved the glass display cabinets
  6. Moved sale stock and generally had a huge sortout/clean-up
  7. Moved the stock set aside for clients to new shelves in the back
  8. Moved the techs library to a new bookcase
  9. Set up chairs and white boards for a library nook.

Feel tired but satisfied.  Looks great.  

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