Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rare Saturday at Home

I was perplexed this morning about the Dog Whisperers theory on dog and packs and pecking orders.  The little princess of the Sinclair house, aka Miss Minty, spent the entire night wanting to go out and come in, go out and come in.  By about the 10th time I got up to let the little darling in or out, I put my foot down and tried to ignore the scratching and whining and made her stay IN!

Of course, anyone who has ever tried to sleep with a fidgety animal knows that its impossible.  So Caesar, where did I go wrong?   The result, very little sleep for me and the little white darling still tucked up in MY bed asleep.


Still not a happy camper today, tummy pains and back ache, but a day off is a treat indeed.  Went and did some shopping, bought a few snuggly winter clothes and some groceries.

Kim went to the rental house to mow the lawns and have a tiddy up while I did some washing and a potter about the house.

What I really did, was start reading my birthday book, Natural Horsemanship.  So absorbing and cant WAIT to have a horse to put all this into practice.

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