Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretending its January 1st

OK, like I posted yesterday, I am a little late, its January 30th, but I feel like I have put enough thought into my plans for this year that I have more chance of them happening and being completed.  Tried to get organised earlier in the month, but it all seemed to still be a jumble in my mind.  I bought a new diary insert, filled out the birthdays on my new calendar, visited my favorite stationery store KikkiK and told myself I could have a splurge there.  Left there with a bag of goodies and I should have felt a little jolt of excitement and joy .. but I just didn't.  The inspiration that drives new habits and gives you a kick of energy is AWOL. 

So two days ago, it seeped into me.  Slowly, like I was a bath filling with water, I became more energetic, clearer, with a path being set  before me.  I think having 4 extra days off (we took off the Friday between Aussie Day and the weekend, giving us 4 days at home), being able to catch up on housework, washing, and starting from a cleanish house after Mum & Dads visit was all the impetus I needed.

So, the end result?  A resolution for want of a better description of what I would like the year to achieve. 

  • Restart daily Blogging
  • Keep to a cleaning routine
  • Treat my body better and be healthy
  • Look for the good in everything I can
  • Make goals and to do lists that will achieve them.
That's it.  The same list I and millions of others make every year.  But this year feels like its more real, I have got skin in the game so to speak.

So, see you tomorrow for blogging.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Soaps ... because you are worth it!

Soaps. No, not the Home and Away, Eastenders, Days of our lives variety ... but real soap. Been a bit of an obsession lately buying expensive luxurious, indulgent soap. Unlike my Grandma Brown, I use my soap. It doesn't get unwrapped and stored in my linen cupboard to "make the linens smell nice". When she died and I went to clean out her things, it was so sad to see all these beautiful soaps unused by her. I vowed then and there that I would not save things for "best" or behave as if I was not good enough for luxurious soap.

Its the delicious papers they are wrapped in that get me first.  This compels me to pick up the rubenesque bars, their smell enticing me to commit further.  Its not until I turn over the package and see the price tag - $15.00, $17.50, $19.00 - how much is too much to pay for a bar of soap?

I look for further justification.  One is French, triple milled, ooh and it contains almond oil.  Another is from Florence and visions of my holiday there bring romance and connection. Its called Emozioni in Toscana by Nesti Dante.

Oh the beautiful smell when I shower. The silkiness of the lather.  The sheer indulgence and extravagance of it all.  Makes me smile every time.

I am on a mission now, to find more soaps, to keep up this addiction.
I challenge all my fellow females to indulge in this.  Treat yourself. 

As the adverts say "Because you are worth it!"

Back to Blogging

As the title suggests, its been a while. Reading over my last posts, I can see why they have gone the same way my hopes went. We have not been able to move to WG, and I cant see us being able to for at least another 2 years. Puts all the plans into a bit of a tangle, so will try and blog my way into a cohesive plan.

I know it's tad late but I have been working all this month of January to set some resolutions and goals for 2012. Guess it says a lot about how I am feeling in general - unmotivated and down. Very hard to get all inspired and feel upbeat when these feelings are the fartherest thing from how I feel.

So, after 29 days of trying to get inspired, I found this website . I found this a little late in my child rearing career, but what it has inspired me to do is get back to recording my life and dreams and observations.

This is the next project then .. A Vision Board.

Project To Do List:
  1. Go to my favorite store KikkiK and buy the Vision Board
  2. Try and resist other purchases whilst I am there
  3. Collect some pictures and photos that make me smile
  4. Get some quotes and sayings that inspire me
  5. Put it up on the wall where I can see it everyday

Friday, January 27, 2012

Australia Day Holiday


Not doing a lot this year, just being a typical Aussie and pottering at home and taking it easy.  Its far too hot anyway to go doing much, 41 degrees and humid.  There will be fireworks on the Swan, but we also get our own firework display at Ashfield.

So, we swam all day, had a few quiet drinks and sat on the patio watching nature put on its own specy show.  Lightening and thunder and a great drop of rain.