Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Men, Women and New Shoes

So we all know that women cope better with childbirth and a cold.  Men don't cope with either.  But did you know that there is a third thing we do more stoically than those big, tough, brave brutes?

New Shoes.

Women will bear the pain of a new shoe, soldier on and grimace smile the whole day with one glorious thought overriding the pain - I LOVE these new shoes. She will tell her friends, her work mates - even convince herself - how much she loves them.  A little (or a lot) of pain is a small price to pay.

Men, however, will avoid any shoe pain, at any cost (although I do wonder how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley got on).  

Take Mr K. (please)

He wanted a new pair of shoes.  He only wears RM Williams boots. The same pair last him years. He has a brown pair and a black pair.  The black pair were looking a little agricultural for work, so he retired them to work boots and we went on the hunt for a new black pair. Easy hunting. 

We went to the RM Williams shop, he said he wanted black boots - they have a whole shelf full, and of course 1/2 sizes.  There are his exact size.  He tries them on, just to keep the assistant happy, and said 'yep, they'll do". 

That's it.  Shoe shopping for a man over.

Now the enigma. Where as us women would rush home, try them on again, totter about, plot when we can go out so we can wear them, men just take them home and leave them in the box/bag they came in, until they decide they are ready for the normal rotation.

Mr K's new boots sat (well still sit) in their bag, on the bench near the front door.  Not touched since Saturday when he bought them. There have been no loving glances, no second try ons, no proud displaying in the shoe wardrobe, introductions to all the other shoes. 

Today he has an all day meeting that he attends once a month with fellow CEO's. The PERFECT day to show off a new pair of shoes if ever there was one. I asked him if he was wearing his new boots today? 

"Nah, I want to be comfortable today, I will wear the brown ones."

Huh?  Comfortable?  You don't get more comfortable than RM Williams boots, I am sure part of the hefty prize tag is to pay a cowboy to wear them in for you.

I tell you, men are such wooses.


  1. Very funny, when we go man shopping for new shoes, we leave Michael alone in the shop as he is such an embarrassment. 'Oh they pinch a little here, a little there.' I don't think he has heard that you can wear shoes in. I am serious the girls won't go with him anymore. I on the other hand have 47 pairs of shoes, and no I haven't worn them all. xxx

    1. 47 pairs of shoes!! My goodness Imelda. I don't think I could stand shopping for that many!

  2. Sounds like my hubby - find a comfy pair and buy them in both black and brown - shoes for the year sorted.
    I like a new pair of shoes - but I am a sucker for a new handbag. Shoes use to be ny thing but now handbags are my thing.

    1. Men have it easy don't they?

      I used to have a handbag thing too - now its books. (well always was, but is worse now)

  3. Not sure if this is meant to be funny or just informative. It’s good to know that what I do with shoes is normal. For them to get in the regular rotation the old faithfuls will need to be frowned on in public. My boots get retired when Alex won’t go out with me if I have them on…

    1. That's ok Darryl - you are a man - we don't expect you to understand any of this. This is why you have a wife to take care of you. xx