Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretending its January 1st

OK, like I posted yesterday, I am a little late, its January 30th, but I feel like I have put enough thought into my plans for this year that I have more chance of them happening and being completed.  Tried to get organised earlier in the month, but it all seemed to still be a jumble in my mind.  I bought a new diary insert, filled out the birthdays on my new calendar, visited my favorite stationery store KikkiK and told myself I could have a splurge there.  Left there with a bag of goodies and I should have felt a little jolt of excitement and joy .. but I just didn't.  The inspiration that drives new habits and gives you a kick of energy is AWOL. 

So two days ago, it seeped into me.  Slowly, like I was a bath filling with water, I became more energetic, clearer, with a path being set  before me.  I think having 4 extra days off (we took off the Friday between Aussie Day and the weekend, giving us 4 days at home), being able to catch up on housework, washing, and starting from a cleanish house after Mum & Dads visit was all the impetus I needed.

So, the end result?  A resolution for want of a better description of what I would like the year to achieve. 

  • Restart daily Blogging
  • Keep to a cleaning routine
  • Treat my body better and be healthy
  • Look for the good in everything I can
  • Make goals and to do lists that will achieve them.
That's it.  The same list I and millions of others make every year.  But this year feels like its more real, I have got skin in the game so to speak.

So, see you tomorrow for blogging.

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