Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farm day

That's what the doggies call it!  They count .. seven sleeps and then they get to go in the ute.  The ute ride ends in them jumping from the back out into their idea of utopia (mine too)

This weekend we achieved;

  1. Replaced shower head in the wet room
  2. Sprayed round-up around all the garden beds and paths
  3. Ooohed and Ahhed at the new lights in the stables.  Looks great now
  4. Planned where the timber and bricks and tiles will be stacked to open up the day yards
  5. Fitted the pool light back and put the cover back on
  6. Made a list of the globes that need replacing
  7. Went to Bunnings to buy globes.
Will need another mow next weekend, but thrilled with how the paddocks are looking. 

One rose has started flowering - this made me smile.

Tenants are taking property from 20th June.  Lease will be drawn up today.

Are we really getting back on track?  Wont count my chickens yet, or even hope it will all work out, but looking like on the right path!

Still to do :

  1. Fit new light globes
  2. Paint ceilings where water stains are
  3. Move and stack and cover timber
  4. Cut doorway into stable
  5. Fit door frame and stable door
  6. Finish day yard fence and gate
  7. Dog proof the house yard
  8. Fix chook pen

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