Monday, March 25, 2013

Argh Monday

Wish I was where the little geriatric dog was.  It's 9.20am Monday morning and she is still in bed!  I served up her breakfast 2 hours ago, but she does not want to get up.  Worried, I went in and patted her, she is fine, stretched out, licks my hand, wants her tummy rubbed.  Is perky and alert, just wants a sleep in. Fair enough.  She is, after all, retired.

PS: She HATES the camera.  It clicks and beeps and even though she is blind, she just knows I am taking her photo.  That's why we never get a photo of her looking anything but worried!


  1. I would have been worried. We have an ageing dog here and it is awful when they have a bad day or a little slow in the mornings. Makes me always think of how much longer do we have with them in our life.