Thursday, August 22, 2013

A New Office - Part Three - The fun bit

The new office and how we planned it. 

This is the fun part, well it's the fun bit until we start having to consult the budget anyway. Being creative is so expensive!  So how do you start this great big lumbering project? I use Microsoft Project (thanks David for putting it onto my PC :-) and start by creating the big categories first:

  • Lease
  • Preliminary Research
  • Preparation to Move
  • Final Plans and Budget
  • Quotes and Bookings 
  • Business Services
  • Enable Services
  • Demolition
  • Rebuild
  • Decorate
  • Purchases
  • Move
  • Set-up New Office space
  • Clean up and finalise lease at old office
Ideas for the wall panels behind reception desk

Then I go back to each category and fill in every single step that needs to be done. I ended up with five pages of individual tasks - and that's just the draft. As we go along there are always extra steps to add, something we have forgotten, an extra bit to add, an unforeseen problem that needs a solution.

After this list is sketched out, the managers all got together and went over it, adding their two cents worth and fleshing out a time schedule so that it all gets done on time. We have a little time on our side this move, certainly more than we had last time we did this.

Ideas for the staff kitchen

We are up to the final plans and budget stage, with a lot of the quotes and bookings being done this week as well. It's a constant juggling game, the budget has been up and down like a whore's drawers, we lose a bit, gain a bit, lose a lot, gain a bit. I think we are over our original budget but not by a lot (yet)!

It's an expensive business this office fit-out caper - we have a very limited budget of $70,000 which is chicken feed in the world of fit-outs. Some things may have to take a number and sit down for a while, but they are things that we can live without for now and do when money permits. We won't compromise on the customer facing areas, or the comfort for staff areas - got to keep both happy - so they will be done first.

Sofas for the reception area

So, we have a 95% complete plan, a schedule that is (so far) on track, a budget that looks pretty reasonable, funds in the bank and ready to go. Its been a week of Mr K meeting tradies onsite, handing out plans and instructions, getting back quotes and tweaking. More homework on wall finishes, carpets, paint choices, kitchen fit-out (good ole Ikea), cabling options, signs.

We officially take over in a little over a week (1st September) so want it all systems go for then. 

Its about to get LOUD!

Boardroom idea


  1. very exciting, how about sofas without arms? May not get so dirty. xxx Rae

    1. Or a black sofa! White is Mr K's choice - you can tell he never cleans :-) Thanks for the good advice.

  2. Like the look of these board room chairs. Have you considered a round board room table, I read once that it ensures there is no head and is better for discussions. We actually followed this advice in our family business. Round board table worked a treat.

    1. I liked them too Jacana, we have similar ones now. We also have an almost round board table, the problem with a very round one is the space it takes up. But I guess King Arthur had a good point :-)