Monday, August 12, 2013

..... (waving very sheepishly) ... Hello :-)

One of the images we had to discuss ... interesting huh!

Remember me? My dear little blog. Not sure you are going to forgive my absence, but I had good reasons. Really I did. Still do, but I missed you so much that I have found a way to make time for you. Plus, a very special lady and fellow blogger inspired me today with her latest post - thank you Rae.  And a few weeks ago a lovely lady and follower (Hi Judy!) said she had missed you too - isn't it nice to be wanted!

We can put the blame squarely on Uni, that big old brute just demands all my time and energy. But you know, I don't have nearly as much fun there, and I certainly don't get to be creative like I do here. True, I am learning a lot and its interesting stuff I am learning, but it really does take all the fun out of writing. At least this unit has - Engaging the Humanities 100.  

There is one major essay to go, due in 2 weeks and then onto the next unit.  This is why time has been robbed from me little blog. Instead of having semesters or as we called them terms, we have study periods. Four a year, consisting of 13 weeks. They run consecutively with no break from one to the next. So this current unit ends on 25 August and the new one starts 26th August. No break at all, even at Christmas time! So really I am doing the equivalent of 2 units per semester. 

And with this last unit having 6 assignments to submit, plus 2 tests to study for, its a very heavy workload. In between the assignment work, we have a weekly lecture, with discussions we have to attend online afterwards, a reading list - usually 3 or 4 chapters, or articles, and a power-point presentation that wraps it all together and then asks a whole lot of questions that we have to answer and discuss in a discussion board. (Oh that's fun! Discussing all manner of things with doey eyed young feminists :-))

Uni has been great for my mind, saved me from getting too upset about not being able to live on my little farm, kept me 'up' when sometimes I want to drop 'down' and taught me a lot about things I never knew I needed to know!  Its a discipline that I both love and hate in equal measures.

So, I am back here for some creative outlet - perhaps not everyday, but at least a few times a week. And it feels great to be back. I wont leave you again little buddy, promise :-) Besides, I have SO MUCH to tell you ...

  • Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • A new car
  • Moving our business
  • I got chooks!!
  • Dad's 75th Birthday
  • What the boys are up to
  • New recipes
  • Oh, soooo many new books to read/have read
  • Interesting assignments 
  • How the garden grows
  • The chooks are laying
  • A weekend away in Denmark
  • A weekend away in Dunsborough
  • An intern from Austria
  • And many more photo's and fun
Most of the family on a log ... Mr K and Boo missing.


  1. Your back and better than ever, I am looking forward to learning from you. xxx Rae

    1. Aww thanks Rae - you are the one we can all learn from - always with a smile and a kind word! xxx

  2. Oh you are such a gorgeous girl!! xxx I have missed our chats!

  3. So glad you're back Jodie, LOVE it, xx

    1. Thanks Jude!!! It was thanks to you. I enjoyed our weekend away. Cheers xxx