Monday, March 19, 2012

Mondays .. do I like them?

Well today's the day.

It's the day of the week that is least liked. 

Monday must have a real complex. It must feel like Cinderella while Saturday and Sunday are the Ugly Sisters who get to go to the ball while it has to stay home and do all the dirty work.  Wednesday gets it's own name - Hump Day- and is celebrated for being the halfway mark, Friday is known as Casual ;-) .  Tuesday and Thursday are left alone to do their own thing .. but poor ole Monday gets a song about how much it's hated.

But why exactly?

Well here is an example of this Monday for me.  I was woken at 7am by a great lumbering, sooky border collie whining at my window.  He does this when he wants attention, no better than a bored toddler or a husband with a cold.  I rolled over and tried to ignore him, but then my CD alarm went off at 7.10am.  I had chosen a fun, upbeat song to wake up to and its sunny, happy beat was enough for me to smash the snooze button.  I laid there, trying to wake slowly, it was like I hadn’t slept at all and there was no way my eyes could even flutter, let alone open.  I tried to force them open, looked at the time ... yep 7.15am - it was definitely time to get up.  I managed to keep my eyes open for a second, but then the lure of a feather pillow and more sleep was too much.  Ah, yes, back to the land of softness and sweet slumber....

7.20am... back with the happy, clappy music, damn those snooze buttons.  This time I really had to wake up. 

Then, with a seeping dread through my body, I remembered.  It was Monday.  My body had known this before me and was rebelling already.  For a moment I became rebellious too and said stuff it, I will take a sicky today, go back to sleep and stay in bed until noon.  That sounded so nice and I almost convinced myself that I could pull this off.  The mature part of me chastised my lazy self, besides, I am one of the boss's - what example does this show the young'uns?

Coffee.  That would get me going.  Up and out and down the hallway.  Great, the cat has been sick on the tiles, too tired to deal with it now, papertowel thrown over it until I have had coffee.  The dogs see I am up which means breakfast .. RIGHT NOW.  Kettle on, oh fabulous, the powerpoint has tripped off again.  Must remind Mr Kirsa to call Eric the Electrician.  Can't get the lid off the dog food, almost cut my hand on the plastic.  Feed dogs, kettle has finally boiled.  Get cup from dishwasher, there is white residue in it, machine didn't wash properly again. Wash cup by hand.  Go to get milk, bugger, we used the last of it last night.  Check calendar on pantry door.  Big circle on today’s date "Dentist 2pm" ...

Sigh ... yep this is Monday and I don’t like it at all...

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