Friday, March 16, 2012

When a husband collects

When girls have a collection, its pretty and nice and decorative.

 When boys have a collection its ugly and messy and not at all decorative.

Mr Kirsa has been collecting military helmets for a few years now, but in the last few months this obsession has reached a peak.  He is on evilbay daily, finding new and exciting items that tickle his fancy.  Finding a new item to bid on propels him out of his chair to show me the pictures, all little boy excitement at this latest discovery.  Yesterday it was an old soldiers travel trunk.  It looked like it had been bombed in the blitz, left in a muddy trench, then dragged home to sit in a shed for the next 50 years. 

It was in Melbourne and the cost of shipping it to us was more than he could buy it for.  But the excitement of purchasing a WW2 relic, with the soldiers army number on it was too much for him to pass up.  I believe his poor Aunt, who lives in Melbourne, now has it sitting in her shed.  I don't know how he thinks we will get it back to Perth, but for now he is happy with the fact he owns it.

Our lounge room is being overrun by helmets, guns, bayonets, bags and badges.  He has procured one of MY collections to help display his.  My 'blue bottles' aka empty Bombay Sapphire gin bottles that I have been diligently collecting .... hey ... don't laugh, I am NOT a Gin Lush.  The blue bottles are for a window in my walled kitchen garden that I will one day build.  Really they are!  I even get my friends to help me collect them.  My friends are ever so willing to help, truly generous they are.

So his helmets sit propped up on my bottles, proudly displayed like a military museum.  In my IKEA cabinet that was destined to shelve other, prettier things.  I have told him that we will turn the old office into a library with a very masculine theme and he can have his precious displays in there.

I secretly like his collection, but ssshhhh... I don't want to encourage him anymore.

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