Friday, March 30, 2012

Treating ourselves tonight

Have been craving an indulgent dinner out the last few months.  We have been on a budget and cutting out the expensive and indulgent pastime of dining out (as opposed to when you go to maccers and they ask you if you are 'dining in?'  Since when is a cheeseburger dining?)

So tonight we have a table booked for a 30 year tradition in Perth - sizzling garlic prawns at the Witches Cauldron.  Of course it can be hard deciding between...

Deep Fried Camembert
With a roquette and pear salad & Cumberland sauce


Garlic Prawns        
Sizzling prawns with garlic and chilli

... but that's why you go with a few other greedy people .. get both and share!

It's still so very 1980's.  Which 10 years ago was tacky, now its nostalgic. 


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