Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa ...I wanna poneeee for Christmas!

Not that I would EVER has asked this way, no sirree.  I was brung up right.  I asked nicely and politely .. the first few times.  Then I asked incessantly for weeks and months afterwards.  Then I pretended that I already had a pony - I fed it, talked to it, rode it - which freaked the parents out, and then, one very special 11th birthday, I did indeed get my wish.  It was the most special and exciting and thrilling day of my life.  My very own horse.  I didn't have to share him with the other kids from the riding school, he could come home to live with me, I could talk to and look after a real horse instead of my imaginary one. I was the luckiest eleven year old alive.

We named him Tullie.  Spelt like my name, Jodie. He was a worm ridden, scrawny, barely broken, brumby (we think).  To me, he was like black beauty.  We did so much together, learnt an awful lot (me), had tears and frustrations (him) - but we came to mature into a pretty good team.  Sadly, I lost him way too soon, he got very, very sick and we had to put him to sleep.  I still love that horse, I have never found one to replace him.  I have owned many horses since him, but never one like him. 

My beautiful and kind Tullie

I still yearn for a horse in my life.  It has been a deep desire that is always there, yet circumstances have asked me to shove that desire down deep.  Every now and again, it creeps back up to the surface and I am left with a sadness and emptiness that only the hot breath of a horse's soft muzzle can fill.  I did get to buy a horse property, but can't live there yet.

So, Santa, if you are listening.  This is what I would like for Christmas. Please.  Pretty Please.  I have been such a good girl, all year. 

  1. The Business to actually make a profit next year so we can pay off our overdraft, then we can afford to move
  2. Mr K's Mum to find her ideal unit in the care facility she wants, so we can move
  3. Real Estate to pick up in our area so we can sell our house and move to the horse property
  4. Our current (and lovely) tenants to find their own dream house so they are happy to move out
  5. To move into my beloved horse property and I will never ask for a single thing.
  6. Oh, well, maybe a pony ? !  ?
Got all that Santa?  You the MAN!


  1. The Horse Property I can relate to that, I never did get a pony, nor a saxaphone that I really wanted to learn, of course all I want now is jewellery and fine wine :)

  2. I was just dropping by to tell you that I tagged you in an ultimate Christmas wish list post. But you are already too organised! Anyway the tag is here:

    If I don't catch you before, hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas break and a happy new year!