Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tim Winton - you Rock!!

I feel like my child has just won the honour awards at school.  I am bursting with pride!

Yeah, a bit weird of an analogy, but stay with me here.

My all time, ever, favourite author, Tim Winton, took out #1 place in the ABC's First Tuesday Bookclub's 10 Aussie books to read before you die, with Cloudstreet.  Number One!!  Out of all the amazing books in this country, the public chose Cloudstreet as their favourite.

ABC First Tuesday Bookclub

I have read every book Tim has ever written, buy all his books as first edition hardbacks plus a paperback when it comes out so I can lend it to people.  Some of my hardbacks are signed by Tim himself - confess that I am a bit of a groupie and go to book readings or signings by him.

Although, the last time I went to a reading (for The Turning) I didn't line up and ask him to sign my book.  He just looked so sad, so out of place, wanting to be away from people and this book selling machine.  He looked like he wanted to be on a beach, or at his kitchen table, writing.  So I went home, and gave him a gift of personal space.

I have loved every single book he has ever written, but my favourite is his latest Breath.  My sons love his books too, something that is tough to do - get boys to read.  I still remember Son#1 hopping about, getting me to read That Eye the Sky after he had read it and wanting to talk to me about it.  Lucky it was a short book, I devoured it in half a day, then Son and I sat and talked and talked.  Now that is something!

I love Tim's style, his (seemingly) easy writing manner, as you read, you feel like you are talking to an old friend.  I get the same feeling of place every time I read his books - I am about 15, everything is exciting.  We go camping on the beach, way down South, with my family, my best friend is there too.  We escape the adults, and at night walk down to the beach where there are some boys with a campfire.  They look a little rough, older, surfies, our hearts race, but we try and be brave/cool.  We sit with them, we talk, they are smoking pot and hand us some, we shake our heads.  I look into the fire, there is a delicious electricity around us, a thrill to be had, yet we don't know why... yet.

This is where Tim's writing always takes me.  On the precipice of discovery, a teenage girl about to fall into the most exciting time of her life.  Fear, mixed with sexual tension and a sense of emerging power.  I wish I had better words to make this scene of time and place come alive.  It will be a good writing exercise I think!

If you haven't already, go discover Tim's work.


  1. I haven't read this one, perhaps I'd better get onto it. I love that The Dressmaker made it onto the list at 25, it's one book I read over and over!

    1. I have had varied comments from people who have read this, I loved it. Tim has such a clever way of making the unreal seem real and ordinary.

  2. I love how you have discribed your love and experience of Tim Winton's books. Perfect! Isn't being an author groupie the best? I would love love love to meet Kate Grenville. She's my fave Aussie author.

    I also love what you wrote about your brother on my post about Santa. I can just imagine him blustering around. It's so magical when your a kid. Even when you think you've worked out the whole "Santa deal" you still want to believe so that you can join in your parents games. I wish I could be a kid again. A kid though- definitely NOT a teenager!

    1. Thank you. I think my admiration for Tim Winton is that he is one of us. He has grown up the same time and places I did.

      So glad you liked my brothers blustering Santa!

      I am with you about being a kid and not a teenager.

  3. Tim Winton keeps coming up for me with recommendations, looks like I will just have to get out there now and discover the joy for myself

    1. You should! He has written so many great stories .. all seemingly ordinary, yet so beautifully written.