Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Very late things I learnt this week

I knew it!  I knew that I would be unable to keep up a regular blog post, on the same day each week.  I think I managed 2 weeks in a row.  I suck at routine, yet crave it.

But, I am still learning things each week, so here are the latest.
  • Don't use eucalyptus tissues as a substitute for toilet paper when you have run out.  Obvious really.  Ouch!

  • When Mr K has a early morning meeting to attend, I will have to get up extra early to make sure he is ready and on time.

  • Hoping to make an advent calendar, with little gifts, for my sons before December 1st was just that - hoping.

  • Eating the little gifts for the above project wont make me feel better.  But I do like the little bags of tiny teddies.

  • Don't believe the weather man when he says that rain is unlikely.  This really means it will most likely rain and you had better put up the windows on the ute otherwise you will be sitting on a wet seat.

  • The towel you put down on the wet seat of the ute won't absorb any water at all and you will walk around all day with a wet bum.

  • Making a detailed shopping list is pretty useless when you fail to take it with you.

  • There are only 20 days til Christmas!


  1. And then you run out of tissues because you ran out of toilet paper and toilet paper is not a good substitute for tissues either. A vicious cycle!

  2. ps thought I would copy and paste my reply to your comment on my crapola tree post in case you don't see it. I don't always see peoples replies to my comments. One of the unresolved issues of blogging. Some people have a "subscribe to further comments" option but it gives you every single comment after yours rather than a reply to yours. Anyway I is the copy and paste:

    "Thanks Kirsa. That means a lot. Yes inner city is hard. We always put the in an unseen corner of the backyard and used it as firewood once it had dried out. I will watch what our neighbours do in January and report back on tree disposal!"

    Surely that will make for a riveting post. I'll stalk my neighbors and take photos of their rotting trees to shame them if they dump them on the footpath. Here's to my future career as a Today Tonight journo!