Friday, November 16, 2012

and off we go!

It's the morning of the great camping weekend.  I wish I could say I was excited and looking forward to it, but I am not.  I am anxious and full of dread.  But that's completely normal for me.  I do love to camp, and once I get there it will be fine ... but for now ... there is coffee and xanax!!

The dogs are certainly not full of dread and the only anxiety is that they might get left behind.

They are like cats on a hot tin roof - except they are dogs... boom boom!

How they have added the dots just goes to show how smart they are. 
  • The trailer camper is still in the same place its stored in.  It hasn't been pulled out yet.  We have been over to it and checked a few things, filled the water tank etc, but really to a dog, it should look like it always does.
  • The 4WD is still full of farm tools.  Not camping chairs and eskys
  • There is however a strange ute in our driveway, full of tarps etc, but if the dog could work out what that's for and get excited then he is smart enough to run for PM
  • Ok, the big esky is out of the shed and on the front veranda - maybe a giveaway but we could just be having a party at home
  • We went out shopping late last night and bought bottles of water and beer.  They too are on the veranda and could be a clue

I don't buy that these things are enough for the border collie to be running around the house, looking in every window to see what we are doing, running to the door of the 4WD and asking to be let in, the little old girl has got out of bed early this morning and is all perky and excited.

I am so glad we are taking them away with us, the looks of disappointment on their little faces would be too much to bear!

The cat gets the best deal - a whole weekend with no pesky dogs and no bossy humans to tell him where he can and can't sleep.  That's 3 beds, 10 couches and 12 chairs to choose from.  That's five star camping!


  1. I'm glad your fur family get to come along! I finally got my act together and did my Liebster post. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like fun I hope you have an awesome time. I get all stressed out before a trip too but whatever you have forgotten you cant worry about - so long as you have your pets and beers you are sorted! Take care x

  3. I get super stressed before any trip. I think that is because I am the one who does the bookings, organising, packing, arranging for mail collection, animals to be feed, papers to be collected etc etc etc. Perhaps the dogs are picking up on you being anxious.