Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What we did on the weekend - Outdoor Overhaul

Well, I lie.  This isn't just the result of one weekends work.  We have been working on this for the last 3 weekends, between social events, helping out Son#1 at his house, shopping; we have managed to get three quarters done on the outside area.  Which is pretty impressive for us - we have a deadline of 15 December when we will again have the staff Christmas party here (as we do every year) and we are ahead in the schedule!

In pictures, this is what we have so far.  It took me ages to get with the decorating groove on this one as I had no clear idea of a theme or colours.  This colour scheme kind of evolved.  I like it so far.

After we high pressure cleaned the decking, walls and rafters, we coated the decking in two coats of decking oil.  The new cane chairs look a little bland here.
Moved around the layout so that the table is near the BBQ and Buffet (that my Dad made).  I like the layout but it seems a little closed in.
Old jarrah table and chairs have stood the test of time but after 15 years need to be sanded back and re-oiled.  Colour scheme is mismatched and drab
By adding a red cushion from inside, we suddenly got the effect we were after.  I went and bought red cushions from BigW and put them on the cane chairs - made all the difference.  Mr K found the dining chair pads at Hardly Normal when he went to buy his mum a new TV!  They are perfect!
Loving this colour scheme now.  I think we have enough red now, so will leave it at that.  Maybe some palms and some darker wood furniture to give that Colonial East India look - think Passage to India.
Still some work to do on the furniture and some little tweaks but I am pretty happy with it all so far.


  1. The red lifts the whole area and makes it very inviting. Liking your work.

  2. Great look, I love your timber floors, pool looks very inviting to xx Rae