Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Writing Course and a Camping Trip

After the last course I did with the UWA Extension, I was so enthralled with the whole writing experience that I enrolled in another one right away.  If November and December were not clogged already with social engagements (being an introvert, I can't say I like this time of the year very much) I would have enrolled in a lot more courses.

This one is called Crafting personal essays - how to shape your life experiences for the page and is being run by Dr Rachel Robertson, who wrote the book Reaching One Thousand: a story of love, motherhood and autism, which I am yet to read.  I picked this course as it would be a good one for learning how to write better blog posts.  (To be honest, I just love the thrill of being in a room all day with other writers - bliss)

There is one workshop, that I would dearly love to do, but we have a camping trip planned that weekend.  Now, I love camping, especially when I can get away from civilisation with just our 4WD and camper trailer.  We both, that is Mr K and I, HATE caravan parks and camping in public places, so we try and find out of the way places.  This place we are going to in mid November is halfway between Preston Beach and Myalup, just behind the dunes.  The trouble is, we are bringing civilisation with us! 

Tom Dog and his girl, Keela on the last beach camping trip

It's a staff camping trip, with all our staff and some of their partners (the tough girls who don't mind taking a shovel and going for a walk when they need the loo).  We did it last year, and a lot of the young'uns that work for us missed out on all the fun and this year they want to come too.  I know I will have fun when I get there, but giving up a workshop called Devious art of plotting your novel is a big ask.

Ah well, I will wait with the thrill of a child waiting on Christmas Eve for the new Summer courses to be announced.  In the meantime, there is always a camping trip to gather material for my writing.

Our old 4WD with camper trailer and bike.  I could get lost forever with this set up.


  1. It sounds like you will have a great trip and there will always be writing :) I think it is great you can do this with work people, it wouldn't happen where I am!

  2. Yes, we are very lucky to have a close nit team. Our business is quite high stress, so we try and do lots of things with the staff to de-stress.