Sunday, November 18, 2012

Staff camping weekend

Well of course I ended up enjoying it!  Always, it's the same.  Anxiety, trepidation, worry - all wasted emotions as when I got there it was all fine.  What did help, a lot, was busying myself taking the photo's.

It was tiring, hard physical work at times, some parts a bit uncomfortable - all totally over ridden by great company, a laugh, some fun, good food, good drink, awesome views.  There are lots of stories to tell but for now I think I will let the pictures say the 1000 words...

Mr K - pretty pleased that we had set up camp and he finally had a beer in hand

Young tech who scored a 'day off' on Friday to help set up camp! He too was pretty pleased with the fact he worked out how to put his tent up!

The camp before the entire team arrived.  The tarps were a nightmare to put up - only 3 of us and a gale force wind!

The moonscape where the camp spot is - in the lee of a sand dune.  The other side of the dune is pristine ocean

The genny - gave us light and powered the fridges - who says we 'rough' it

The old lady 'princess' of the camp.  She was not amused here that she had been put down on the sand.  She did the rounds of everyones lap.

Tom Dog - he waits for his love ... waiting ...waiting

Great white fishermen .... just as well we had steak and chops for dinner as we sure didn't get any fish

The Team - with only a few missing

A boy and a dog ... priceless

Awwww puppy love.  This is Tom Dogs girl.

Love the colours



Pumping up the tyres and a sad and weary goodbye ... well until work tomorrow anyway!


  1. Looks like a great spot and fun was had by all. All that stress and it turned out great - I get it, I do exactly the same. Think my middle name should be stress.

  2. Oh no post yet today. I am sad.

    Thought you might like my response to your comment on my blog -

    1. Ah Jacana .. its nice to know I was missed :-).

      I have been buried under a small hill of tax paperwork, as well as doing my assignments for the writing course I am doing.

      hehe, loved your comment - my house is starting to sound like the Adams Family!!

  3. Looks like a pretty awesome weekend away to me. Your staff must all get along to spend that much time together, dont think I would do an overnight stay with my work colleagues! I love that photo of your dog and the sunset, one for a frame I think :)