Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bonfire Night

What a rural sight!  Utes, post and rail fences and a fire.

Something very primal about a fire.  We piled up weeks worth of branches and leaves and rubbish from the big clean-up of the property.  A BBQ, an esky and a few family and friends and you have an instant party.  It was such a cold night, but oh so warm and toasty by the fire.  We toasted marshmallows on sticks and ate their crispy, charred outsides and gooey hot insides.  As the fire died down, we moved our chairs in closer and closer until we almost had our shoes in the coals.  Does life get any better?

We now have a pile of lovely potash that will get raked up and put into my compost bin, leaving a nice clean paddock and good stuff for the soil.

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