Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its not you its me

I used to spend a lot time with you.  But we seem to have drifted apart of late.  I don't know if its an autum thing, but I know my interest in you was waning even in summer.  We met occasionally, but the love just wasn't there, was it?  You could be right in assuming there is another who has stolen my heart, but I am here to tell you that its just a casual fling, its a bit of fun - I don't feel any great affection for them at all. Not how I felt about you all those years.

I think, and I am loath to say this, but I think I am going off your kind all together.  At least in a gay abandoned way.  I will still have a little taste here and there, but gone are the days of wild parties with you, staying up late with you, long and leisurely dinners out are also a thing of the past. You must admit, we did have a few all night benders and we were not always good together.  A few times you made me very sick - was it love sickness?

But don't worry, I will always think fondly of you.  A special place in my heart is reserved for you always, after all you have been loyal and true.

I will still visit, and we can remember the good times, but it just wont be every week, and it may even only be once a month or so.  I hope you can bear the separation.

Go and spread your cheer with the younger generation, I think they will like you too!


  1. I think you treated this gem very badly and should get back together immediately Miss Kirsa.
    Mind you I have spent just as much time with your old friend, never being completely faithful, but I would never abandon this jewel completely. In fact I still make weekly visits.
    You should have a good hard look at yourself K.

    1. Is it a true sign of our friendship that we can share this love with no jealousy or possessiveness on either of our parts? You are right in chastising me ... this gem does deserve better, it’s been stalwart and faithful. I will make amends this Friday. Prepare the way!