Friday, May 4, 2012

Travel and Decisions

5 years ago, we were on route for a few days off in our trailer camper and 4WD when we get a phone call from a dear and trusted friend that she had a business deal for us.  In a nutshell, she was working for a retail computer store in the city and it was for sale.  Mr K and I spent the drive there and the rest of the weekend discussing the pros and cons and the what-ifs - great we had the time to talk, but not so great that the very essence of a weekend 'away' was not away from business.  For anyone who owns their own business WITH their spouse, they will know the preciousness of a few days away from it all. 

Yesterday we had a similar offer.  A competitor, and long time acquaintance, had a meeting with Mr K and needs to get out of his business which is very similar to our own.  Did we want to take it over?

Today, we were meant to be driving down to Walpole for a family reunion.  It's been planned for months.  It will be a 5 hour drive and I guess we now have a LOT to talk about.  We are now leaving in the wee hours tomorrow so that we can spend today gathering more information and figures to make a well informed decision.  Oh, and packing up and getting ready for a camping weekend.  Did I mention that its raining, and will be all weekend?

But, even though we will be doing family things and talking and eating and drinking, I know on both our minds will be this decision to make.

So much for a break!  Meanwhile .. you can enjoy what we were going to ...

Conspicuous Cliffs

Walpole always = Pelicans to me

I want a farm here ...

Giant Tingles

Tree Top Walk - well worth the visit and overcoming vertigo

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  1. If its meant to be Im sure youll feel it in your gut and know the right decision to make. Good luck and enjoy your break :)