Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's the Perth Royal Show soon!

2 days to go!
And I still get excited like a little girl at the thought!
Here are a few of my favorite things ...

Show bags

Bertie Beetle showbags would still have to be my favorites.  They cost $3 (which is still the cheapest bag at the show) and are filled with delicious nougat bits covered in chocolate and shaped like a beetle.  Doesn't get better than that!

Always a passion and I could easily spend days just sitting on the side of the main arena and watch every horse event there is. The smell of horses and hay and manure ... bliss

Warm days

In Perth, the Royal Show is always at the end of September, beginning of October.  Winter is over and Spring has Sprung.  It's normally sunny and hot and people generally get their first dose of sunburn for the year while walking about.  Bring on the vitamin D!


Even at my age, I still love the thrill of scaring myself on a fast and furious sideshow alley ride. At night is even better


Can, and do, spend hours in the Pigeon and Poultry Pavilion.  Oohing and Aahhhing over all the beautiful breeds of chooks and ducks and geese.

Lacewing Wyandotte
Light Sussex
Sheep Dogs

Love to watch these clever dogs do the sheep dog trials, but most of all the agility.  They have HUGE personalities!  Our own dog, Tommy, is a handsome and clever border collie and I wish I had the time to train him like these dogs.


If we stay all day, we go and find a nice patch of grass, get some dinner and watch the free fireworks.

Are you going this year?  I am :-)



  1. We have our local show in November. So I still have a few months wait. Enjoy your show bag. Hear it is going to be in the 30's in Perth on Monday - might need to take the sunburn cream.

    1. Well I didn't get to go this weekend - but you were right about the sunscreen - it got to 34 and I got a little burnt whislt in the garden.

  2. I love the show, too. When I came back to Perth after living O/S for 25 years, ANZAC Day and the Royal Show were the two things I loved most. And it hasn't changed much since I was a kid.
    I bought tix for Alexandra and myself to go on Monday.
    We get there bright and early with our trolley that has two fold up chairs in it - and a thermos of coffee. We sit down and watch the agility dogs (who are always on the Monday) until noon.

    After that, we check our trolley/chairs in with the girl scouts and take off to see the rest of the show. If we can hang out that long, we try to stay for the fireworks - but it is a terribly long day and they don't let you get a pass out and come back :(

    I hear they have moved the agility dogs from next to the Alpacas, down to where they show the fancy show dogs...clear across the grounds.

    I also love the crafts and the cake decorating. And seeing the baby animals. Not too big on show bags, but the Bacci one looks pretty great. And there's always Bertie Beetle.

    Hope it isn't too hot.
    Have a good time Kirsa and Mr. K.

    1. Still haven't got there yet. Maybe talk the boss into letting me have a sickie this Friday. Did you get your Bacci Bags?

  3. I havent been to the show in about 7 years, I really must check it out. Bertie Beatle always a favourite and maybe because they are the only ones that havent increased there prices, go Bertie!

    1. It's worth the effort to go every few years, makes you feel like a kid again!