Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photography .. baby steps

I know nothing about photography, except I know when I like a really great photo.  The subject is like a very dark science to me and when I have asked some experienced (and some hobby ones) photographers about the 'basics' they launch into enthusiastic talk about exposure and ISO and f-stops and triangles and the rule of 3 and I nod and smile like I know exactly what the hell they are talking about and to myself think this all sounds like an algebra or science class to me and my mind glazes over.  I normally give up at this point and decide that photography is another thing that I just can't do, like be a size 0 model, or a rock star, or a princess.

But never a quitter, I very quietly decided that I would try and teach myself the really basic, basics of taking a good photograph.  I thought reading the Dummies Guide to Photography would be a good place to start, but even that was a bit advanced.  So I went online and searched in google - 'the really dumb persons beginning photography lessons' -  and I found this website - 13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography Here.  By lesson 4 I was lost! 

Rather than embarrass myself further, I took our little Panasonic Lumix and began experimenting.  I did not worry about anything technical, but just played about with the automatic settings and light and angles.  I have been looking closely at pictures I like and trying to understand what it is I like about them, then trying to copy these.  I can see its going to be a LONG journey, but I have time and I have started.

Now, I dont want what I have to say next to be taken as me being at all ungrateful - but Mr K has gone ahead and ordered me a DSLR (and I think I know what that stands for, so I am learning a bit!) as a surprise present and its terrifying me.  Next week I will have in my trembling little hand this


and I feel all my family/friends will be expecting amazing and wonderful photos.  I am not very good with technology at all, give me a pile of compost anyday, or some chooks, or orphan lambs and I will be in my element.  But a big, scary, complex thing like this

and I am a mess.  I think I will open the box and just look at it for a while.  Just let it get to know me.  Move about it slowly, not putting any pressure on it, but letting it come to me when it feels safe and is ready.  It works for nervous horses, so why not a camera?  Right? 

Wonder if I will ever get to be a Nikon Whisperer?

PS: If any of you ARE adept with your camera's you might like this website Mr K found for me.  I LIKE this guy ALOT ... he says ...

"Women are better photographers than men as a whole because women worry about their pictures, and not about their cameras. Men spend lifetimes researching and talking about cameras, which does nothing to advance their photography"

Ken Rockwell Photographer

Isn't that always the case?  Men worry about their equipment and women worry about how they look?

PPS: Mr K?  Thank you ... I think :-)

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  1. I think you are a woman who can handle her equipment, or Mr K certainly thinks so! Practise makes perfect take it out into the backyard and Im sure you'll find some pretty flowers or insects to snap away at and model for you :)