Monday, September 3, 2012

Little spending spree on the weekend

It started off Saturday afternoon, Mr K and I were both looking for something to do other than housework.  We had done the basics, and while there are a million things to clean and fix and attend to around here, neither of us had any motivation to tackle them.

So we went shopping.  The great 21st century pastime. 

To buy a CD.  The new Jack White CD to be precise - Blunderbuss.
(awesome IMHO)

Off to JB's, which where I live is located at the end of a very long line of large shops, never counted them but there would have to be at least 30 shops all in a row.  We parked at the opposite end to JB's so we could have a nice long walk in the sun.  Past all the shops .... (insert scary music here)

Mr K just casually mentioned that he wanted to pop into the HiFi showroom - in his words - 'just to check out what is new in there'.  Two alarming thoughts -
  1. He must be awfully familiar with what was 'old' in there to know what was new?  Meaning he goes in there an awful lot!
  2. Mr K never window shops for no reason.  I can feel a sales pitch coming from him about why we need a new speaker/amp/whatever.
Time to use tactic - well don't take long honey, I will just pop into Kitchenwarehouse and have a look while I am waiting for you to use. This would put him in a quandary - but have the desired effect of making him hurry up.  Poor man didn't stand a chance, I can snatch and grab kitchen stuff and be at the counter with my Visa card out quicker than he could cross the threshold of HIFI planet!
But I only bought necessary things - a white salad bowl and 2 white creme brule ramekins.  Oh and some cupcake cases, some really cute storage label thingies, a cookie cutter in the shape of clouds, ummm, think that's all.  Like I said the necessities of life - this was a cooking shop - we all have to eat!
The car was parked this end, so into the boot with the goods, when I noticed that the lighting store was having a 50% sale!  50%.  Wow.  So I asked Mr K if he is still looking for a floor lamp for his office - good time to look I say!  We walked out of there with no floor lamp - but with the following:
  1. A very nice light for the dining room
  2. A chandelier (fake - of course!) for our bedroom
  3. 3 shades for the hallway batten lights
  4. 2 shades and hanging kits for the guest rooms
My excuse was that they were on sale and we had only lived in our house for 11 years with NO light fittings at all (except for the bare batten holders the builders put in)  Not sure why Mr K was starting to look tired, maybe it was the thought of putting all these up when we got home - they all said D.I.Y
Back to the car, unload goodies.  Our walk continues.  Next was Freedom.  We always pop in here, to see whats new and hope that they bring back our favorite lounge - The Barcelona. I have also been undecided about a 2 seater lounge for the reading room.  Didn't want to spend too much on it, but still liked it enough to keep looking out for it on sale.  The minute we walk in, Mr K spies a new leather office chair - perfect for his office.  I leave him swiveling and checking out the airlift features and go and sit in the Ashbury - yep still like it.  The lovely saleslady who has got to know us by now, tells me that its still on back order and still $899. 
I am chatting to her and looking around, Mr K has got bored with his Astor and has made himself at home on the Townhouse.  He asks me if I have considered this one?  Nah, its not the right style.  It's very comfortable he says.  I go try it and yes, it is very comfortable.  Right colour, and the style is actually rather nice, not old fashioned like the Ashbury, but could blend very well in any environment.  The saleslady, lets call her Janet, because that's her name, tells me that all the staff go sit in that lounge as its so comfy. 
Janet, being the great saleslady she is, runs off to the computer and comes back beaming as the 2 seater Townhouse in Maine Stone is available.  I wont have to wait.  AND its only $699 AND there is a promotion that if you spend $1000 you get a gift voucher of $100!   The planets had all lined up and the furniture gods were smiling.  Or was that Janet thinking of her commission?  For she knew she had me.  1 hour later we left Freedom. 
  1. The Townhouse being delivered this Friday
  2. 2 x Astor on back order but delivered 1 October - yep we fell for the old buy one get one half price trick.
  3. 3 cushions - now that's a whole new post right there
  4. 2 curtains
  5. 1 curtain rod
  6. 2 x candles in glass jars - don't ask
  7. A very happy Janet
NOW we can go buy a CD.  But you know?  Neither of us had our hearts in it and I didn't even take it out of its wrapper and play it until Sunday evening. 
Shopping is exhausting.  Physically but most of all, mentally.

The Townhouse

The Astor



  1. Now thats what I call a hard day at the shops! Lighting and furniture is so hard to decide on I cant believe you made all those decisions in one day Im very impressed :) And you can never have enough candles in jars x

    1. I think I made the decision so quickly as I was sick of all the looking and not making any decisions. It was like pulling off a bandaid ... quick!
      And you are right .. never enough candles in jars! xx