Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The cats at it again

My Mum and Dad have been staying with me the last two weeks.  They stayed in the newly renovated guest wing.  The Cat tried to get in that room everyday - the more we closed doors and shushed him out - the harder he tried to get it. 

Everyday he tried and some days (when Dad would forget and leave a door open) he succeeded.  There are plenty of other places he could sleep (as we have seen in other posts - see below) but for some reason it was the forbidden that he wanted most.  Who says cats don't have character!

So, the room was vacated this morning.  I stood out the front of my house waving goodbye to my folks.  I walked back into the house, went to strip the sheets and found this ... the pictures say it all!


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  1. Love the look on the cats face - "you disturbed me for a photo?"

    1. That's exactly what he was saying! You speak Cat too!

  2. Think our cats may be related. Ours thinks that every baby item we have was purchased so.ey for his sleeping comfort. So far we've found him in the cot, basinett, pram, change table, car capsule and even the little vibrating rocker. There is nostopping him!

    1. Oh dear! Cats do have either an arrogance that you did indeed buy it for him, or a comfort homing device. It's frustrating isnt it, when you are trying to keep things nice and clean and there is cat hair everywhere!