Monday, November 12, 2012

A busy week - dang it!

I love it when I look at my wall calendar and see a week with nothing planned.  Five whole empty days ... bliss!  It means I can just get my paid work done, then have all this time to write.  After today's perusal of the calendar, I saw a clear week - did a little happy dance inside .... then realised with regret that its just that I have been a lazy cow and not put everything on the calendar.  So a 'free' week turns into...

Monday -
  1. Drop off sewing machine for a service
  2. Find keys to trailer camper that were meant to be in the console of the 4WD (that Mr K spent 4 hours looking and ranting for yet failed to find)
  3. Clean up 3 empty bottles of red wine (good stuff too!), numerous beer and tonic water bottles, BBQ remnants - all after last nights visit from Uncle J. 
  4. Try to take today slowly.

Tuesday - A good day -
  1. IKEA and
  2. Spotlight ... maybe, hopefully.
  3. Plan meal and drinks for camping this weekend.
  4. Furniture purchased on the weekend is delivered

Wednesday -
  1. My father in law arrives to stay a few days. 
  2. The online writing course starts today - joy
  3. Fill water tanks on camper, make sure everything we need is packed in there - that is, if I have found the keys!

Thursday -
  1. Long overdue meeting with Accountant (who is VERY cute so makes it bearable) which means hours and hours of prep work
  2. Pay the wages
  3. Billing day - pages and pages to print, fold, stuff in envelopes and post

Friday -
  1. Pack trailer camper and 4WD
  2. Buy last minute food and drinks and ice
  3. Drive down to beach camping place and set up camp
Ah well.  Next week is worse so better make the most of this.


  1. We have a particularly nice Frenchman (IT) man who visits our office, makes for a pleasant day, I could listen to him all day with that accent. I completed a UWA on line e-mail writing course, gained great information. However being a trainer I didn't like the on line delivery.
    Looking forward to the UWA (December 1st) Personal writing course. Enjoy your camping, weather will be great. xxx Rae

    1. Oui oui! The French sure can lure a girl! I have a post in my list of ideas about this very thing - the lads who work for us (IT Support) dont realise the effect their help does to a female :-)

      Are you telling me that you are enrolled in the Crafting personal essays course on 1 Dec? Me too!! In fact, I think I saw your email address listed when the homework was emailed out yesterday?

      Finally, we will get to meet!!

      Jodie xx