Friday, November 30, 2012

Steve's Private Wine Cellar

It was pretty damn impressive!  I knew it was going to be as, when we walked down the stairs, the first thing to greet me was a few dusty MAGNUMS (not bottles) of Grange!!  After this sight gave us a lovely excited glow - the rest of the vista was nothing to be sneezed at either.  Lining the walls were floor to ceiling shelves laden with wooden (note the word wood, not cardboard) boxes with a stamp of the winemakers mark and filled with bottles of precious red (and white) liquid. 

On the vast floor area were rows of free standing shelves, cradling individual bottles of wine, from all over the world, and places in time.  One row was missing, and in its place a long table, with chairs and dinner settings.  This was where we were to have our special end of year dinner.  I was very impressed and now am kicking myself I didn't take photos!  All the photo's on this page are from Steve's own website. 

Mr K is a member of a business group called TEC and this was our end of year get together.  This group is very social and all the partners came along so it made up quite a big (and noisy) group.  Over the years we have been members, I have come to know them all, and really do like them.  All the women had the same comment - 'damn, we only bought our little teeny, weeny, going out clutch purses' (you know room for a lippy, a tissue, maybe a mobile phone) but definitely no room to smuggle a magnum of 1995 Grange out!  Between you and me, I think the staff were watching us closely!

The meal was satisfactory, as good as a set menu for a big table can be. Pretty hard to serve that many people, especially as the poor staff had to walk down a big flight of stairs, carrying plates, into a cellar.  The service was excellent. 

Anyone interested in a function, this was a unique and excellent venue. 

Steve's of Nedlands

The only down side, is the original old hotel has been dwarfed by high rise apartments and the new part which is where the restaurant and cellar are.