Saturday, November 3, 2012

Strawb & Jago - Naked!

Wow! It’s been a whole week and I haven't written a thing about the last Strawb and moi day! Has anyone else noticed that as the silly/festive season approaches, time seems to evaporate into yet another week gone?

So Last Friday. Strawb's pick this month, and the darling girl did indeed pick - she picked me up from home! I know what a challenge that is, even though we live in the same city, we are at opposing sides of the city and the river. So for her to travel over bridges and through the city, in just-past-peak hour traffic is a treat indeed. I was glad she came for a little house visit, so she could ooh and aahhh over our recent renovations.

She was being very tricky and not telling me where she was taking me. This has kind of become a trend in our days out - which is fun and challenging! So we drove by Subiaco, Claremont - all potential cafe places (albeit a little bit posh for us Roley Boguns), past the show grounds (few months too late). She had me worried as we approached Graylands - was this an intervention to have me committed? Following the railway line to the sea, she let it slip we were going to a cafe.


Aha! It's not the Bookcaffe? I asked. She was shocked and dejected that I had guessed her little plan. Incredulous, she asked how I knew of it, she thought she was being very tricky taking me to two of my favourite places rolled into one! I said , sweety, darling, sweety, I have been to this place many, many times and am even on their mailing list. Books. Coffee. Cake. Come on, that's me in a chubby nutshell. (I then had to admit that the real reason I first discovered this place was that Son #2 saw a specialist whose practice was right next door!)

After a chai latte, a good ole chat, and a browse (and buy) in the delicious book area, we donned hats and Strawb led the way on a very pleasant walk. The idea was to walk the scenic route to the beach, where naked men awaited us, with a cool G&T. We got a tad lost, and after walking up a medium sized hill on a very sunny day, we were sweating instead of glowing and I was in no mood for naked men - but they could hand over the Bombay. We settled for a Naked Fig gin and tonic which was even better.

Why all the references to naked? Apart from the fun factor, where we were was the nudist beach of Perth - Swanbourne. Being a nudist from way back (like 47 years back) and despite a body that legally should be covered at all times, I am more than happy to shed my gear and run about in the buff. Strawb, who has the world’s permission to get nekkid, is not so keen. Actually, I jest, although we were on Swanbourne Beach, the nuddy part was way off in the distance - another long, arduous walk through soft sand - I don't need to see willy's that badly!

A lovely restaurant has sprung up on this part of the beach, with glorious ocean views and even more glorious Hendricks with cucumber. The meal was ho-hum, but the company, gossip and gin more than made up for undercooked prawns and tough (how the hell do you make pizza dough tough?) pizza. The topping was nice, but nothing special. What was special however were the desserts. A pannacotta with passionfruit was divine and Strawb drowned herself in some hot, gooey chocolate lava bath.

Just as well we had lots of calories, as we sure got to burn them on the walk back. Do you think it’s our age that we seem to stare at topless boys unashamedly? And when did school boys start looking like prime athletes? We both agreed that when we were 17/18 boys sure didn't look like these Adonis gods did. The boys we hung about with were puny and tiny and had squeaky voices. That's why dating a much older guy was so kewl!

Of course, we got lost again on the way back to the car and train station. I think we need to stop talking while we walk and start paying attention. That way we can still get lost but at least we will learn about where we got lost. Or take a bread crumb out of Hansel and Gretel's book.

Great day out, something a bit different, good chat, good perving, good gin. Tell me how life gets better than that?

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