Monday, April 30, 2012

Aww gawd .. is it Monday already?

Was laying in bed this morning, avoiding the inevitable, daydreaming about the plans I have for WG.  We were out there again yesterday, and I had time to plan out where we can put the kitchen garden.  I like the idea of having 'zones' and the different zones complimenting each other.  So this is what I came up with ...

Back door of Stable, chook pen and vege garden

The back of the stable is where the chicken pen,vege garden and orchard currently are.  At the moment, the vege garden, which is built up with sleepers, is in the wrong place and being one big area is very hard to manage and get to easily.  I would like this area to be clear for the horses and put in a wash down bay, and have a clear, and safe, area for horse preparation.  Having the vege garden here is not at all safe for horses. 

Vege garden.  oh, and sheep dog!

So if I pull out the garden bed and level this area, we can run a fence from the door of the stable straight out to the outside fence.  This will then fence off all the 'dangerous' things from the horses and also have a secure fenced area if a horse does escape.  We can also graze this area occasionally to keep the grass down and spell a paddock.


The sleepers we have will be plenty to have 3/4 narrower beds, easier to get to and better for bed rotation.  They will be next to the chicken pen and still close to the stables and compost bins.  We can also then keep the horses out of the orchard and if we have cyclone wire on the fence, keep the chooks in the orchard to do a good job.  Will make the watering set-up a lot easier too when its all in one place.

Compost Bays

The pile of old fence posts will be cut up for firewood this coming winter.  The compost bays will be moved, and I will cut back the overgrown Mulberry trees to let in more light.  This will then give me plenty of room for 4 vege beds and it can even be fenced off from the orchard so I can keep the chooks out or let them in when they are needed to clean up. 

Of course, these are all 'one day' plans - but having them keeps the dream alive for me.  I guess the one positive of not being able to move here yet is that LOTS of planning gets done. 

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