Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bunting ... excuse for a garden party?

Not sure what is wrong with me lately?  Have been getting a little 'girly' and wanting to make and do 'pretty' things!  Last week it was cupcakes, and this week its taken a step farther with bunting and party things.  It's all leading to a OTT Garden Party.  Look out!

I made another batch of cupcakes today, all in the name of perfecting the recipe and technique.  Mr Kirsa has just 'trialed' 2 for me and said they are almost perfect!  Soft, fluffy but moist, not too sickly sweet.  I iced them with Incredible Hulk Green royal icing.  I was aiming for soft pale green, but a drop of food colouring was actually a bit of a splosh. Oops. It's all a learning curve.  Of course I am yet to procure the order of cupcake paraphernalia I found online, which will give me much more creative scope.

So ... what about bunting?  A little bubble of excitement happened when I saw all these pictures of pretty and floral and gingham bunting, fluttering in gorgeous gardens or dangling over Alice In Wonderland style tea parties.  Oh, I so want a party like this.  And then I remembered all those sumptuous materials I have collected over the years for no other reason than I loved them.  Sure, I have done a few quilts and cushions and other crafts, but now I know the REAL reason I saved them.

I am so tempted to start tonight, but I really am going to discipline myself and get my craft/office room set up first.  How's that for incentive!

Stay tuned for the garden party invite :-)


  1. Your not alone I've been obsessing about bunting lately as well. I was even going to organise a high tea for my birthday next month just so I could decorate with bunting and girly decorations. But then I decided to book a venue so I didnt have any mess to clean up :)

  2. Oh Michelle, I am so glad I am not alone in my obsession! I too have a birthday next month and had in mind a garden (bunting) party! Are you a Taurus? Is it a special birthday year for you? Would love to see your bunting ideas, will drop by your blog. Happy Birthday for next month :-)

  3. Sorry I have just seen this and cant find your email address to email you back :) Yes stubborn Tauras right here, not a special one, just another year older. How about you?