Friday, April 20, 2012

Futility of Ignoring

I woke early this morning.  Wasn't planned.  I normally wake at 4.30am, get up, do-you-know-what, and try and go back to sleep for a few more hours.  It sometimes takes me ages to go back to sleep, my mind going a million miles a minute, thinking WAY too much about WAY too many things.  I catch myself sometimes, telling me off for thinking so much.  I just want an OFF button for my brain.  I tried to do a little meditation but back came thoughts of work, the property, this house, my relationships.  Gee its hard to empty it all and think of black spaces.  Maybe I will try and get a meditation on my phone to plug into.

This morning, my head won, I was wide awake.  I don't think having a nasty cough helps either, tends to keep you awake.  So after an hour I got up. 

Who do you think you are taking my photo?

Which woke the cat and he started the usual routine of meowing until I fed him.  Doesn't his stomach know that it was two hours early?  There is no point at all in ignoring him, he has the art of persistence down to a fine art.  Besides, he is an old cat of 13 and my routine is put the kettle on, feed the cat.  The kettle was on so the next logical step was feed the cat.  He has gone back to (my) bed now, curled up in cat bliss.  I need to learn how to sleep like cats!

But another little animal had its routine changed too.  My little Minty Mups lost her source of warmth when I got out for bed and she will NOT lower herself to snuggle up with the cat, despite the cats best efforts to be bedfriends.  Might be something to do with the cats sense of humour when he lays in the hallway and ambushes a poor little blind dog.  I think I might hold a grudge at that also.  So Mups let me know she too was ready (reluctantly) to get out of bed.  Being blind, she can't see to jump off the bed, so she has a little bark to let her human know to come and lift her down.  If you don't jump when she barks, the bark becomes a yap.  Don't ever ignore a little dogs yap! She is a bed hopper; if she was human we would call her a host of other names, but as a dog she just gets into any bed with a human in it.  As I write this, she has hopped onto the lounge with Mr Kirsa and is tucked up nice and warm. 

Just becasue I am blind doesn't mean I dont see that camera in your hand.  I havent had time to do my hair  yet!

Then there is Tom Dog.  Its dark outside, he too should be still in his bed.  But the slightest movement inside the house and his antics begin.  He yips and yaps to try and get our attention.  When we try and ignore that behaviour, he ups the ante and jumps at the door.  Each jump gets more violent.  Its very hard to just ignore it - we keep the mantra with this dog - ignore the bad behaviour, reward the good.  While we still are (trying to) ignore him, he runs around to the cat door and yips through that.  Its so hard to ignore him, he gets louder and louder, more and more determined to get our attention.  When he finally is quiet, I then go out and we have a cuddle and a chat.  He is so excited, but trys to stay still (fails) and calm (also fails).  But we have a nice little time, and he soon settles down.  As much as I would love it, I cant stay here all day, but have to distract him so I can sneak off.  Sometimes a chew stick works, other times the cat wanders out and distracts him.

The cat has learnt the 'Ignore' technique.  He also perfects the 'Ignore with Disdain' movement - this is only for Cats and Professionals

This morning, despite the early hour and darkness, Tom is more than usual demanding.  Mr Kirsa goes out for a smoke and they have their cuddle.  But on his return inside, the performance resumes.  Ignore.  Ignore.  Ignore.  Its so very hard to ignore a large border collie throwing himself at the door.  I wait for the performance to stop so I can go out and give him some attention.  I sit on his 'bed' - our outdoor couch that he has claimed, and when he has dropped nicely he gets a cuddle.  He is so very sweet, its hard to be cross with him.  He just loves attention and humans talking to him.  When we are in the garden, or out at WG, he stays by your side, watching intently every little thing you do.  When I plant seedlings in the garden, he watches and then tries to dig holes for me with his nose.  He is a dog that needs to be with you all day long, and just loves that interaction.  Very Hard to Ignore!

Its all lies what she says about me - look at my face - I would never do the things she says!

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