Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Empire strikes back

After the day off yesterday, today felt like it was Monday.  But that's OK, as it will only be 2 days and back to the weekend.

Went to watch Son #2 play in his band tonight at the new hip place to be in Perth at the moment.  Its called the Aviary - a restaurant on one level and then upstairs a very funky rooftop bar.  His band, Empire, play there every Thursday night, and at this venue he goes on at 8am.  So this old mum got a chance to see him play before she needed her bed.  Met Son #1 there and had a very nice counter meal. 

Love watching my boy play, I am always so blown away by how cool and confident he looks on stage.  And I LOVE the way he looks like he is having the best time of his life.  It must be amazing to be able to create music and be in tune with other musicians, all playing the same thing at the same time and feeding off the other band members.  These guys are exceptional at this.  They are all great and talented musicians, all WAAPA students, but they create this energy on stage that is very contagious.  This is what feeds back to the audience and why they get people so engaged.

Looking forward to seeing what these talented boys do in the future!  So glad they have found the Aviary - its was really made for them.  Here is what the Aviary are saying

Empire at The Aviary

Available: 19 of April 2012 - 25 of October 2012
Empire is comprised of five talented young men from the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

Every Thursday night from 8pm Empire will be bringing their smooth, contempory tunes to The Aviary rooftop.

Already with an extensive Perth following, Empire are definately one to watch.

Check them out here ... The Avairy

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