Sunday, April 15, 2012

Colds/Flus that force you to rest

A Sunday sleep-in is not really a proper sleep-in when you are unwell.  It kinda takes the indulgence out of staying in bed longer than is proper.  But when you are sick, it is a formal permisison to stay in bed a little longer.  It doesn't feel as wicked or forbidden and therefore it lacks the thrill.  Mr Kirsa bought me coffee in bed which was most welcome, but try as I might, I could not go back to sleep or even to languish in Sunday morning freedom.

The next best place to be was on the lounge, remote in hand, blanket a-la school holidays and early birds and a weeks worth of taped gardening and home shows to watch.  And that's pretty much where I stayed all day.  Mr Kirsa went to a military swap meet (that will end in more junk collectibles to find a home for).

I had promised the doggies that I would make them their favorite dinner, and promised myself a vegetable soup - so despite still feeling like death, I kept my promises.  While I was sweating over the stove, I kept a promise that I didn't make and made Mr Kirsa his favorite rice cream.

I don't know how, but the dogs know when I am doing a batch of their dinner.  It really is not much different to a savory mince but they get so excited when I start to cook.  Its a big pot full of mince, plus any meat in the fridge that is past its used by date.  So it could be bacon, chicken, sausages, or if they are lucky, prime steak!  I blitz it all up in the food processor and tip this into the browning mince.  Then its a clean out the vegetable crisper moment.  Any vegetables not quite at their best get blitzed, along with potatoes, garlic, parsley and any frozen vegies that are a little stale.  Add one cup of rice and water and simmer for an hour.  Then I fill old Chinese containers and let it cool before putting into the freezer.  They get their dinner that night, its fresh and warm and they go nuts for it.  Lasts about 2 weeks and costs very little, plus I feel good that I have put food normally wasted to good use. 

The garlic is a natural pest control, especially worms.  Parsley is good for doggy breath and all canines need vegetables and rice.  Our vet endorses this diet, as a supplement to a good dry biscuit.  But the best reward is how excited they get when I feed them this.  Tom Dog wont eat his biscuits if he doesn't have a topping of this on top. 

I feel good knowing I have a weeks supply in the freezer now, it was worth the effort.  Vege soup worked for me too, feel better for it.  And we have leftovers for tomorrow's dinner.  Its a family recipe handed down and refined from my Grandmother to my Mother and then to me.  I have taught both my sons but they prefer to turn up on the doorstep when I make it.  As one of them did tonight!

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