Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working from home?

I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner as now I have thought about it a huge black cloud has lifted from around my head.  I have a little more energy and zip and actually feel something.  A little voice has been niggling away at me, that we went into this business so we could have a better lifestyle.  And at first this was true.  We both worked from home, there was a LOT less stress, we could take a day off together if we wanted to.  We ate better, were far healthier and a hell of a lot happier.  Now we are both stressed, both unhappy, both terribly unhealthy and unfit.  We spend way too much money on junk food and junk .. a symptom of being unhappy.  I would make this sacrifice IF we were making money that would one day buy me a better lifestyle.  BUT the reality is that we don't and in fact have gone backwards and have more debt .. so to me, it's a no brainer. The other half of the partnership is not willing to do anything other than what he is doing, so my only option is to change what I am doing.  In the absence of being able to move to Dream Property .. this could be a good alternative.  At least I might be able to save my health and sanity.

In fairness I will do the old pro and con list and see if I can compromise on the cons to make this a reality.  But first, what will it take?


  • PC with terminal server working PROPERLY
  • Documents Scanner so that I can scan and archive all invoices etc - we were going to have to start doing this anyway.
  • Printer
  • VOIP phone - connected properly.
  • Office in a separate room with a desk and bookcases/returns for printer/scanner - old guest room
  • Need to go into the office one day a week to get invoices, mail, touch base with staff etc.
  • Office Chair - one that is supportive and better for my back

  1. I can work just as effectively at home than I can in the office
  2. Stop being distracted (and stressed) by the goings on in the service area
  3. Can hand over jobs that are not related to accounts and have the correct people dealing with them i.e RA's, stock issues, domains, staff issues
  4. Will see sunshine and daylight instead of doom and gloom in a basement
  5. Will be home in afternoons to make healthy and cost saving meals
  6. Will be home to keep doggies company
  7. Have time to do some meditation and exercise to combat pain from stress
  8. Will be better for K and I to have some time apart
  9. Wont feel so frustrated when I am expected to be a partner but in reality have no voice
  10. Wont have to go to and from work in a smoky car
  11. Can work my own hours - get up early and start work early so I can leave work early and do things that feed my soul.
  12. One day a week in the office is plenty to collect post, invoices, stay in touch with staff.
  13. Stop being the 'go to' person for staffs little problems that if left alone they can (and will have to) work out for themselves.
  14. Will have time to keep the house tidy and organised and therefore much more relaxing to be in.
  15. Won't have to spend money on a cleaner, so many clothes, lunches.
  16. Won't be tempted to eat naughty things like chocolate and chips as I wont be close to shops.
  17. K's life will be better - he will go to work in an ironed shirt, come home to a cooked meal.
  18. Will be able to work in a much nicer and 'girly' environment that is better for my work style.

  1. Won't be in the office everyday to deal with problems that come up - but I will be only a phone call/email away.
  2. Will lose the daily contact with staff - may be a good thing to be less involved and they may feel better
  3. Won't get a good cup of coffee everyday! - oh well, will have to buy some good tea.
  4. May get too isolated and become a hermit - Oh I wish!
  5. Will leave SB being the only female! - she will love it.

It's a no brainer huh?

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