Tuesday, October 9, 2012

150 Posts!

Looked at my stats this morning. They made me smile, not like my other 'stats' - the ones when I stand on the scales or put on a pair of jeans I wore last season. They don’t make me smile at all.

So here they are:

150 Posts - is that enough for a book yet? :-)

Last month there was 706 views of my posts - most of the views were me I am sure!

All time post viewing history 3618

I have 11 Followers - <waves hello>

My most popular post with 30 views was High Tea at Tranby House

My personal favourite posts:

The Actual Art Review,

Men and Scatter Cushions and

Trio of Tables

This blog has become my sanity saver and the place I come to corral my wild thoughts and write them down in a calm and considered way. I have never lost sight of the reason I started this blog - to help me bear the frustration and sadness of not being able to live on our semi-rural property, instead having to rent it out for others to enjoy. I am a country girl (well that’s stretching the imagination, 48 year old women is closer to the truth) who has little choice (other than walking away from my marriage and business) but to live in suburbia and try and make the best of a bad situation. Some days it breaks my heart, but most days I try and just live and forget.

I really should be ashamed of myself for being a whiny brat, so many other people have real problems that they cope with better than me. Yet, I can’t help the way I feel, day by day, a little part of me dies. Being brave and sucking it up all the time, eventually wears you down.

So thank you blog, and thank you to my few but cherished readers ... you really have helped me - I guess writing has always been my salve, my outlet and my life. 


  1. Congrats on 150 posts!

    I can relate to a dream not coming true despite your hard work and due to life's tricky "circumstances". I found one of mine very hard to let go and probably beat myself up about the "me" I should have been if things had been different for far longer than was healthy. I don't have any words of wisdom unfortunately- I suppose you just have to reevaluate focus on a new dream. At least I think that is what I've done...

  2. Thank you! I am sorry that you too have had to let go of a dream. Maybe this is a lesson in itself - or just the dream gods idea of a game! What I did do to help, was to buy myself a dream journal from KikkiK - 101 dreams. So you have many, not just one, to focus on :-)